Crunch Time

It’s crunch time. And not just because the snow outside is getting crunchy on the sidewalk. I’m talking about learning how to do MORE with LESS.

I’m faced with a lot to do in front of me. A lot because I’m choosing it. Choosing to get a Master’s Degree, choosing to run a business, and choosing to consider getting a job (putting the business on hold will give me more free time, but that also means making applications and resumes and more work in the beginning). 
The Master’s degree is a job in an of itself. Taking the GRE, getting letters of referral, writing a letter of intent, etc. Deadline to apply is Dec. 15th. But that’s for next year’s program. Which means I have to do a lot starting now. I must prepare for the GRE really fast. Not exactly how I wanted to be spending the next 4 weeks, but in the long run it will pay off.
I’m going to cancel my road trip to Arizona this week as well. I don’t want to do that, but I know that AZ will be there when the next road trip comes along.
The next 30 days are going to be busy. I’m going to have to balance my time better, do more in less time, and deal with the stress of it all. I lost sleep last night just thinking about it. But it can be done. I’m pretty laid back most of the time, so learning to work fast and efficient should be a healthy challenge.


Still Around

Donkeys In The Road – Gunlock, Utah

Man I feel like I’ve been up to a lot and a little at the same time. 2011 feels like it only lasted a few weeks!

But this year has proven to be both simple, and drastic. The simple part is: I worked some trail jobs and build my Freelance Portfolio. The drastic part is: I stopped pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Yeah, that’s right – no more Engineering Degree for me. And for a very good reason. I had this huge awakening in February and realized that my passions really are in making websites and helping people via nature (hence the freelance work, and consistent trail jobs for the past 6 years). Not so much on the mechanical side of things (even though I was getting straight A’s). However, I will still watch a rocket take off in awe and sit there and think about how it all works 🙂

I’ve been working pretty hard this year at building up my skills in website awesomeness. I have new clients, and new strategies for how I run things. I’m pretty happy with it all. Overall, running my own business as a freelancer has been hugely rewarding, but is also just as challenging and at times can be super tough. Right now my portfolio is not up. I took down the old site because I just didn’t like it very much. As soon as the new site is up, I’ll be sure to blog about it so you can go check it out. Most of my work comes by word-of-mouth anyways.

I LOVE trail work too. Nothing in the world beats going out for many days, or weeks at a time and living off the land (with Anasazi) or camping out (with Aspiro). Yeah, I forgot to mention that this year I tried something new: I spent the Summer (and Fall) at Aspiro. It was a totally great new experience and really opened up my eyes to what other programs are like. That’s what I went for. I loved what I learned at Aspiro, and especially the people I got to know there. I am also very excited to return to Anasazi in the Winter and come back to some of my roots that I’ve planted there. I think I will always want to have a part in this type of work – even when I grow up (I haven’t grown up yet, okay?)


here I am, still in Utah. I keep pushing back my plans to move to AZ for the Winter due to various reasons:

  • Ended up working at Aspiro for a few extra weeks
  • Decided to stay and help out some family with moving their stuff
  • Working on some websites with clients located locally
  • The Holidays… why travel around when you can just stay here?
So by the time November came around I didn’t see any reason to travel back South again just to come back up here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I decided to stay here until after Christmas.
Not that we even have any big Christmas plans.
Yep, my family is pretty cool. We don’t ever make big plans, and just see what happens. It annoys most other people. I’m proud of it because I’m always ready for whatever happens. Comes with the territory.
Have a good life, and in case I’m not back here by the time Christmas rolls around… Merry Christmas.


Good To Be Back

Returning to Anasazi this Winter has been a great decision. I’ve loved being back on the trail and working with kids in the outdoors again. Everything from cooking on a campfire to sleeping under the stars and working with TrailWalkers. I love it.

Lately I’ve been really sick. For 2 straight weeks I’ve had a bad cough and been in bed. But today I feel much better (a friend told me a few days ago to stop eating bread and processed food, and only eat veggies and oranges). Since doing that I’ve been getting well quickly. Here’s a picture of when it all started…

I fell asleep like this because I was so sick

Being sick so long has given me a lot of time to sleep and think about life. The University of Utah has accepted me to start school this Summer in their Mechanical Engineering program 🙂 but I’ve had a lot of second thoughts about returning to school. I’m planning on giving this more thought, as my other option is to stay in Outdoor Education and work on some business ideas I can do with the experience I have.

I plan to visit California next week and go sailing with my buddy who’s living there right now on a sailboat. It should be tons of fun. I’ll take some pictures to show y’all when I return. In the mean time, please enjoy these pictures from the Anasazi Trail…

Swimming Hole

Making Fire

Wild Edibles

Cooking on the fire


I just looked at Stanford University online to see what it would be like to attend school there. I WANT THAT.

Oh yes, I want the atmosphere of success, the high academic discipline, the open-minded thinking, the diverse student body, the Varsity-grade sports programs and the new associations that will come with it. Most importantly of all, I want to gain a personal ability to believe in myself and follow my dreams. 

Tuition is $38,000 + all the other stuff. Estimated at around $54,000 total per semester. OUCH.

Hopes fading… what should I do?