Kitchen Table

So after the workbench was done, the next project was to re-do our kitchen table.

Once again, I used Google Sketch to put my designs into action. By the way, it always helps to draw it out on paper first. I think of 3D sketching as thinking through the build process. If I try to brainstorm or sketch in 3D land than I don’t make any progress and just get frustrated. But if I draw it on paper first (usually many variations) and then come up with a plan, then 3d sketching is a ton of fun as it feels like “practicing” the actual build.

Here’s the kitchen table sketchup:

I have a ton of fun doing this, btw. My wife saved me from a mistake – I originally had the table legs set closer together by a whole foot. I thought it would make sense to have more overhang with the table. But I’m glad she suggested to keep the legs towards the edge – it looks and feels much better in real life that way.

So without further ado, here’s the photos from this build, plus the finished product!

A few fun facts: the support beam in the middle was per my wife’s request. She said growing up their table had a beam like that going down the middle and she would alway put her feet on it while sitting at the table. She wanted to do that again, so ta-da, we now have one too! I admit, it is nice to have a place for your feet to go while sitting at a table.

Next fun fact, I screwed up one of the legs (hard to see in the photos) by beveling one of them. I had this last minute crazy idea that a beveled table leg would look good. Instead, it made our table look like it had a pegged leg on one side – like a pirate does 😀 haha – though my wife wasn’t very happy with the fact that we now have a table with 1 beveled leg and 3 straight ones. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Workbench finished

This update is long overdue, but I wanted to talk about the workbench that we finished building. We actually finished it in March of 2017 – almost a year ago! Since then I’ve done a few other projects, and have really been getting into woodwork. I have a long way to go and I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but I’ve been happy with the result and the journey of making things has been a lot of fun. I’ll write about the other projects I’ve done in the next couple of days (serious).

Currently I’m thinking of a new project, which has been inspired by my kids (twin 2-year olds) who keep getting into our bed stand drawers, pulling everything out and even breaking things such as my phone charger. This new bed stand idea I have will have a special way to open the drawer that only adults should be able to figure out, and I also want to incorporate an embedded wireless phone charger so I don’t have to bother plugging in my phone at night.

I don’t have any drawings of that yet, but here are the photos from the workbench build back in March 2017…

Brian makes a workbench with dos drills
Hard at work making this awesome workbench!
Finished clean workbench with tools on the wall
FINISHED! – with some new tools to start using with it!

Next up, the Kitchen table… I’ll write about that in another post.

Sensory Board

Erin came to me the other day and showed me her laptop with over 20 tabs open. She had been researching “sensory boards” and wanted to show me some of her favorite ones.

What is a Sensory Board? (Well it might have many different names but that’s what we call it). A Sensory Board is a board with items attached to it. It is mainly for toddlers – so they can explore and play. Items such as switches, velcro, rings, cups, bells, etc. Anything that a toddler would love to interact with. More importantly, anything similar to household items they may want to play with but can’t – so now we put them on a special board where they can play with it.

After a few weeks of talking about it and searching Google for ideas, we decided to build one of our own. This week I went on a trip to the local thrift store, where I found some door knobs, rings, small toys, and some plastic bowls and buckets. Then I went to Home Depot and (count my lucky stars) found the perfect size particle board (Dumpster Dove it!) and then went inside to purchase some rope, door stoppers, fence locks, and anything else I thought would be a good item for our board.

Bringing it back home I felt pretty proud. Suburban dad coming back with the spoils of the hunt.

Fast forward a few days of staying up way too late – and we are just about finished. I’m very proud of how it’s coming along and can’t wait to let our boys try it out.

Here are some photos of how it’s coming along: