Now on WordPress

I finally made the switch, and migrated this blog to WordPress. To date, its lifespan has gone from:

  1. An HTML version
  2. Blogspot version
  3. WordPress version

Who knows what will come next?

My Year 2010

My year – 2010: Had a job, had a car, had a girlfriend. Lost the car, lost the job, lost the girlfriend. Started a website business, made some money. Lived in a tent by a river, lived in an apartment downtown, slept on a couch a lot. Hitch hiking … Moab to El Paso, Jackson to Rexburg, Jackson to Salt Lake, Jackson to anywhere I want. Calculus Class (still pushing for that Engineering Degree). Spiritual growth. Feeling older – Decade #3. Planting “roots” ??? not yet apparently. But my direction has never been more sure.


Ink Bink is Awesome

Jackson had a small earthquake yesterday. I felt it while sitting on a rock by the river. Though I wasn’t sure it was and earthquake until I read about it in today’s paper. I think it was a 4.8 and didn’t do any major damage. Just a little hop.

I’ve started a creative writing blog with my friend Ray called Ink Bink. It’s totally fun and so far I’m excited about it. We have 4 authors so far (including me) and may choose to recruit more in the near future. Please check it out!

Lastly, it’s been a great time up here. I’m still building websites, and blogging. Sven and Brenna are getting hitched on the 19th, so I’ll be in Utah for that event. Can’t wait to visit Salt Lake again. Later!


Resurrecting old skills

I can’t believe I’m actually doing it…

I’m bringing back the online portfolio, practicing web development, and subscribing to geeky newsletters again.


The most obvious reason is lifestyle. I have a passion for the power of the internet and I want to harness it again.

Truth is, I never fully let it go. Even though I stopped keeping an online portfolio and stopped coding on a daily basis, I always kept up to date with the latest in developments, helped friends with websites they were building, and talked about one day returning to it all.

I plan on doing much more this time around: One obvious change will be my approach to web development. I’ve learned a lot of techniques from watching others and talking about the web. There are far more resources available today than there was even 3 years ago. I’m excited for such a vast field of knowledge at my fingertips.

From here the sky is the limit. A web page can be about anything you want it to be. I’m like a chef in a kitchen with unlimited ingredients. Who knows what will be made next, and how much fun it will be to create.