Work Motto

So recently I realized that I’ve been stressing out about my workload. I have an online Calculus class to finish, websites to build, and regular life to live (including moving into a new place this week). I’ve been working for too long – pushing too much. Need a break.

It’s really just too much work. So I’ve started making some changes: I turned away some web clients, because I currently have enough work, AND Calculus is actually more important to me so I can be prepared for school this Summer.

What is it about life that causes us to get into these tough places? I try to find a balance in my life, but often find that I’m playing or working too much, without a balance in the middle. I guess my motto might have something to do with it:

“Work Hard, Play Hard, Die hard.”

But maybe I should change it to this:

“Work some, Play some, Never die.”

It’s funny how these things go. I kept thinking I needed to add more to my life, and now it’s time for me to appraise what I’m doing and shave away the non-essentials.

I spent most of today working on 2 things (among other things):
1. Putting some new links and images on my portfolio:
2. Updating the QuikCamo website:

Winter ’11

It seems that blogging has not been a priority of mine for quite a while now (around a year). I’ve been blogging since 1999 fairly consistently, and with pleasure. But I don’t know why lately I’ve been neglectful of this blog. Perhaps I lost interest because of other things. Or perhaps I just felt like I shouldn’t be telling the world about my personal life as much. I can’t really say for sure. But those reasons are a slice of it.

It has been interesting how things have evolved over the years in the blogging world as well as the wonderful attention the internet has now as compared to 10 years ago. Obviously Facebook has captured the biggest audience by being the best at re-creating our social lives online, which I believe has a significant impact on how we communicate with each other today. i.e. I was just talking to my roommate who created a Facebook group so he can get addresses of all his friends to send wedding announcements to. It was then that we realized: “How did we ever get all of the addresses of our distant friends and family before Facebook?” As the saying goes “Everybody is on Facebook.” Whatever. I think it’s a great trend, and I think they’re big enough now that they will always be successful – kind of like Microsoft. Both companies can get away with a few dumb mistakes and still recover just because they are so well known.

Moving on…

It’s Winter now. And those of you who know me know that I am more of a desert rat than a snowboarding junkie. I think that’s why I’m loving Arizona so much right now 🙂 Working the trail has never been better, and I’m keeping super busy during my off-weeks doing Calculus and freelance web development. I feel like I’m pushing my limits with all of these things I’m doing. It’s a good push though – because I’m always finding more efficient ways to do things and multitasking. I am definitely more productive and efficient than I have been for years.

So here I sit in my room and finally taking time to write on my blog again. I have a feeling I will be blogging more often. I also feel like there are some more adventures which await, and that keeping a blog through it all would be worthwhile.

If you’ve read this far I am impressed. I’d be bored by now 😉

Here is a fun video for you: The “Techno Viking” in Berlin…