What’s This?

I never could have predicted this. Homesick for the city? Actually wanting to be surrounded by noises of public transportation machines roaring down the street busied with people going places and their faces being lit up by lights from stores all around? Really? Are you kidding me?

I came down to SLC for Sven and Brenna’s wedding. It was awesome and I loved being there when they made their vows. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you care about people until you see them do big things in their life (like get married. BTW, I’m sorry to all of my friends out there whose weddings I missed; Sometimes for whatever reason things don’t go as planned). This is one of those times where I realize that I have some super awesome friends right here.

Frankly I like SLC. I’m not going to explain every reason why I like it, I just do. It’s awesome here and I’d love to stay. But my Summer job is elsewhere and I won’t be done there until October. I’d like to stay, but I have to work the job I have right now. That’s fine. I’ll be back.

Looking for Outdoor Jobs until then (in SLC of course!). I’m done with Recreational Therapy though. I want to try Outdoor Education instead. Know of any jobs? Send me a note. Thanks 🙂

I’ll be travelling back to Jackson tomorrow (today actually… it’s 12:30am).


Shoot out

Dusty and I planned a little bachelor party for Sven tonight… No strippers, just a couple of guys, lots of toys and targets, and lots of ammo. The stuffed turtle and toy piano were really fun to shoot. My shoulder is sore from the 12-guage, which normally doesn’t happen. I guess working in a deli doesn’t exactly make for tough shoulders.


Ink Bink is Awesome

Jackson had a small earthquake yesterday. I felt it while sitting on a rock by the river. Though I wasn’t sure it was and earthquake until I read about it in today’s paper. I think it was a 4.8 and didn’t do any major damage. Just a little hop.

I’ve started a creative writing blog with my friend Ray called Ink Bink. It’s totally fun and so far I’m excited about it. We have 4 authors so far (including me) and may choose to recruit more in the near future. Please check it out!


Lastly, it’s been a great time up here. I’m still building websites, and blogging. Sven and Brenna are getting hitched on the 19th, so I’ll be in Utah for that event. Can’t wait to visit Salt Lake again. Later!