Notes on the past week

Went all the way to El Paso, TX. Visited the sister.
Hitchhiked from Albuquerque to Moab. 4 rides, 5 interesting people, 1 night camping, 9 hours of travel (includes standing on the road).
Back in Salt Lake. Time to work and earn some money.
Visiting JoC was awesome and I love her job; so does she 😉
Currently freelancing work doing websites. Taking Calculus too.
USU in the Fall. Yes… more school for me. I’m gonna be an Engineer.
Environmental? Aerospace? Mechanical making outdoor equipment?
Next travel destination: California


Back in Moab

I arrived in Moab today around noon. It’s a nice hot windy day. I feel like going swimming. This trip was made possible thanks to generous people who gave me a lift. Four in all. I’ll have to update this post more later tho… I’m at the Library right now and I’d prefer to be outside 🙂

Moab and New Mexico

I left Salt Lake City a week ago and went to Moab with Sven and Brenna’s Family. From there I found a ride to New Mexico (met a guy in Moab at a free lunch) and I’m staying with Jo for a few days. She is working near Cloudcroft, NM as a Wildlife Technician studying the Mexican Spotted Owl. It’s a cool job where she lives in the woods. Now she has 5 days off and we’re at her friend Kristy’s house in El Paso. Today we’re going to Carlsbad Caverns. I’m having a great time, and a much needed vacation.

Yesterday we went climbing, where Jo led some awesome hard routes and I could hardly follow. She’s a great climber and I’m proud of my sister for all the great things she does in life.

This weekend is the ward Moab trip, so I’m going to hitch hike back to Moab on Friday and join them, where I’ll catch a ride back to Salt Lake with the one and only Sara Barclay.

From there I’m staying in Salt Lake and working full time on some personal projects and necessary things. I’ll be traveling to California a week later with my brother, hopefully. I want to meet some CouchSurfers down there, plus, a visit to the beach can’t hurt either.


Yin and Yang

Over the years, life’s little let-downs can start adding up and turn whatever faith you have into a cynical anticipation of expected failures. Despite attempts to accomplish dreams in life, past unfortunate events create a learned behavior which leeches away all hope and motivation to succeed in the future. A truly damning state of mind, and one which has been adopted by so many.

Yet, some success stories have illustrated that it is only in these states of mind that we discover our greatest potential and power: the ability to choose our own destiny.

When exactly does the change happen? When will the negativity recess and the positivity grow?

The irony in this is, that the mere expression of my own self-doubt is an indicator of a desire to abolish that mentality and turn it into self-confidence. The question I keep asking myself is: will I be able to do it.