Jackson Hole Pictures

Hey everybody! I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been super busy. Well, it’s finally stopped raining constantly and the sun is great. Everything is so green, and I love the people I’ve met. It’s like being in one big family here. You often see people a few times a day in this tiny tourist town, and the locals also know each other pretty well. “Andy Griffith” hospitality if you will.

The public library and the grocery store are frequented by everyone so it’s pretty cool to be bumping into friends all the time.

I’ve posted a new photo album on Facebook called “Jackson Hole” which you are invited to check out here. Or click on the picture below…


Livin’ the Dream in Wyoming

So it’s been raining in jackson everyday for about a week. Doesn’t make for a friendly camping experience, but at least there’s this nice library to hang out at, and my tent is freaking awesome dry. Hiking in the rain for fun is out, since a hot shower costs $6.50 and I would only want to hike in the rain and get muddy if I could finish with a hot shower and a laundry machine.

My job starts on Thursday – driving a Wonderbread truck and delivering goodies to all the little forest animals who live around the Teton Mountains. It is supposed to last until September.

Today I returned from Utah again where I met Zac and Franklin to get my paint equipment, thanks to them for bringing it all the way up here from AZ!

I bought a cast iron skillet so I can cook bacon and eggs on the fire. It’s pretty sweet with a 2 for 1 set up: both dutch oven and 2 skillets when you need them. My outdoor haven is almost complete – when the rain stops long enough I’m going to set up the cabin tent and “move in.”

image from Cabelas.com



Things are on the upswing finally. That’s all I have to say for now about my life.

Other news: I saw a magnificent sight of two Grizzly Bears play fighting by the road while driving back from Pacific Creek campsite. People stopped all over the road and grabbed their cameras for a picture. I even took a video which I hope to post soon. It was really cool and they were about 50 yards away duking it out.