Fast Update

I had a job interview today, which went pretty well. Then I hiked to the top of Snow King Mtn. Still making plans and such. Life is good. I’ve been stressed out on money though.


this is Jackson. it blossoms in the summer with jobs everywhere; only i don't have one yet. you could say that i'm a buck short and a day late, since thats exactly whats happening. i hiked this hill next 2 town to think for a while. worried but hopeful. questions and questions.

Basement Flood

i woke up this morning and discovered the basement flooded… again! luckily a shop vac makes cleaning up go faster, but the bigger problem is all the water damage, and i may have to remove the wood flooring my sister installed a year ago, not to mention i had other plans for today.

Outta Here

Just a quick update: It’s been a great adventure visiting my parents for a couple of days. Now it’s time to continue north. I will stop in Rexburg first to see some friends I haven’t seen in a long while before I continue my journey. 
I plan on coming back down to Utah for the Slickrock gathering on May 10th. I hope to see many friends there as well. Plus there’s always the slight chance that I’ll forge a road trip to CA soon… so if anybody would like to tag along, you know who to call.
My friend Price gave me a book that I’ve been reading: The Rock Warriors Way. I’ve just started it, but thus far I like the vibe it has. One of my goals this summer is to read a good book or two, starting with this one. If I can, I’ll also try and read the Hobbit or some kind of non-fiction book, as it has been years since I’ve read any non-fiction books.
And now it’s time to stop typing and start driving to the Berg…