Good Life

I’m loving life and the simplicity of it. I am at my parents house again, preparing what I’ll need to live in Jackson Hole, WY.

I made a 5-day camping trek from Phoenix to here. Actually, I drove to Boulder and saw some friends… for 5 days before continuing on to my parents house Sunday (Kandis tells of the story here:

Danger Kitty is great, and sleeps all day in my room and always wants to play. After dinner I ran around with her in the back yard. She bounded through tall grass and chased the sticks I was dragging. She’s a great friend to have around…


View from a cabin

I'm staying in a cabin while in Boulder. A few friends convinced me to stay another day, so it looks like i'll be here until Saturday. I've been doing more relaxing than hiking today: played guitar, sketched, did push ups, and listened to music while looking out the window you see here. (Posting this from my phone as usual). Tonight is a dinner and "New Moon" dance. Moab tomorrow – weather permitting.

Worth The Drive

This is a picture (from my phone again) of part of the drive on Cottonwood road. I passed many trailheads which I hope to return to later. I'm about 35 miles (half way) and its been totally worth it.