Words can’t tell all what it’s like being in London during the month of February. There’s supposed to be less tourists, yet every thing we go see is CROWDED. I can’t imagine what it would be like here in the summertime!

London feels a lot like when I visited New York, or even Mexico City… it’s big, there’s a lot of people going all sorts of places, and even though you’re lost all the time you always know what to do next. However, hands down: London has the fanciest architecture I’ve ever seen.

This is a picture of “Big Ben” which is the clock tower at one end of the Parliament building. You may also recognize it from the Disney movie “Peter Pan” when they first start flying out of London towards Neverland.

And this is me having some tea and biscuits. Yes, it is truly magnificent to enjoy this traditional afternoon delight while staying in London.

You always have your choices of tea, but the currant fruit tea is most preferred during this time of year.

And now here I am with my beautiful neice. Those who are observant will notice her ice skates. She’s actually pretty good at it. I was totally impressed. All the girls ice skate, and I think they inherit the skill from their mom.

A typical London street. Even the movies can’t make this stuff up. It’s like this everywhere, and I’m already getting used to it. By the way, I went car shopping with my brother yesterday and he test-drove a Volkswagon. Driving on the LEFT side of the road is freakin HARD! You may think in your head all day to drive on the left, but as soon as you start driving, habit takes over and when a car comes, you start to freak out because your head’s like “you’re driving on the wrong side!!!” Haha… it was a trip for sure 🙂

This is me and my bro walking the kids to school… You can’t see the kids in this picture (taken by my sister) but it’s a pretty cool shot.

My niece is so cute because she is able to keep up with all of us adults walking down the street, but her legs have to move super fast to do it, so I decided to give her a break for a bit 🙂 I think she had fun seeing the world from a different height. She really is cute, and yes, I just used the word cute.

This guy was helping guests at The Ritz in London. This picture does not do justice to the cool outfit he was wearing, but here it is anyways.

Ofcourse, what would London be if it didn’t still have old-fashioned telephone booths at every corner, and old-fashioned taxi’s? We spotted both together and got a sweet picture of it. Imagine all this, and all the buildings and proper accents all around you.

And finally, some serious breakfast eating fun. I guess I’m a bad example, but it really could be worse. We could be standing on Lava.

Oh yeah, I think she wins the contest for longest and strangest. This may or may not be one of the reasons we don’t get out until the afternoon sometimes.


An American Writer in Istanbul

Uncle Brian

I’m in London at my brother’s house where we are getting ready to plan the next three weeks. The brick homes with narrow streets and tiny cars make this an inquisitive european experience.

On the plane over here I sat next to a guy who lived in Istanbul Turkey, spoke 6 languages, and spent the past 6 years living in 5 different countries. He was an editor/writer who writes political and religious articles for a magazine in Istanbul (Turkey).

I’ve always imagined that as a writer I could use intellectual skills to support myself and have the freedom to travel (since writing doesn’t necessarily tie a person down to a specific office or location). Yet, this is just another great idea I have that is not yet a reality in my life, nor have I met anybody doing it, until now! He happened to be my age (28) and was from San Diego California. He graduated in 2003 and has been doing print journalism around the world ever since (it started with a year-long study abroad program when he said he caught the traveling bug). He was on his way back to Istanbul from a holiday in California. I’m sure I bugged him with all my nosy questions, including how he plans his travels, and advice on how to get started doing what he’s doing. His advice to becoming a good writer? “Write every day.” Makes sense, I do write every day but since it’s only in my journal, blog, or for myself, I can’t really use it as a portfolio. I suppose if I actually put up my resume and some samples I have online, I could land a job somewhere.

Aunt Jo

Anyways, we are here, and London is awesome. Definitely a different traveling experience than what I’m used to in Central America. But I guess that’s also why I love it.


Travels, Ideas, and Jobs

I just finished 2 nights in the Superstitions on a walk-a-bout. I learned good things there, and explored some great cliffs and caves in the area. I wish I had discovered this part sooner, as I could spend many more days there just exploring.

Right now I’m at the Mesa Library tying down all my last emails and reading blogs I haven’t read in ages. If I get around to it, I may even post some pictures on Facebook of all my recent trips I’ve taken last month.

I feel pretty humbled right now. Not because of any incident in life, but just because I’m realizing that I have a lot more potential than what I’m giving myself. I’m still trying to pinpoint which parts of my life need growing, but I know that one big thing I need right now is a job to support myself with. I have lots of experience to offer, both in IT Network troubleshooting, and in outdoor guiding in all kinds of activities. After I find a job using the skills I have, I’d like to use what I know to do other things in life too.

There’s a ton of ideas I have that are just sitting under me like an egg in a nest, waiting to hatch into something, and I’m tired of just sitting on it. I want my ideas to become realities or failures, not just ideas. I’m not going to write what my ideas are here though. Well, okay, just one idea… I’d really like to study the chemical compounds of household garbage, and discover ways of recycling household garbage into something useful – such as a strong fiber that can be used in the place of lumber (save the trees, and clean up the landfills, right?). Cool idea huh. Well, I know some basic college chemistry and I think I can study more and then try out some of these kind of ideas.

Anyways, in a few days I’m headed to London for 3 weeks 🙂 Tickets are cheap in February, and I have a brother who lives there with his family. After that trip, I plan on moving to Utah to seek work. Life, is an awesome experience.