I spotted Captain America at an iron man race today… though i didn't race, i came here with my djembe to play some beats for the runners… Jess played too, and Elizabeth ran the race. She did pretty good… 1/2 iron man in 5.5 hours!

Climbing The Didge 5.9+

I guess my updates haven’t been too informative about me. But that doesn’t necessarily mean my life hasn’t been eventful. It’s just that some things are better lived than talked about. Or, I just don’t have time to write about them here.

Well, I would like to update y’all on a bit of my life lately and hopefully you can see how I feel everything is a once in a lifetime experience.

Last weekend I went camping and rock climbing with my friends Phil and Amy. We went out to this awesome spot by the Superstitions set back from any roads or common trails (to avoid any other people or traffic). We played music in the evening…

And we had the BEST tin foil dinners just before telling stories around the campfire with fire-cooked cinnamon rolls for dessert…

The next morning we were planning on driving out to Globe for some rock climbing, but Phil had a better idea. He was looking at that cliff a hundred yards from where we were and thought it looked like a fun climb. I agreed, and we both had all the gear needed to set up a natural anchor, so we hiked over and checked it out…

It actually looked pretty sweet, so we went around back and go to the top and sure enough, we found some places to set up 2 bomber anchors around the rock (to make them I used my whole box of dental floss and 6 paper-clips, but it was a double-bomber!)

Since Phil had the bright idea of climbing this piece of rock, he did the honors of the first rappel… (with a backwards glove)

Then, with his life in-tact, and as I double checked the equipment, we were all set for some “first ascents” (we figure this is a first ascent because of our remote location, the rock was un-touched, and if we were going to climb this again, chains would be a better alternative to all that webbing we used).
That’s Amy rappelling, and those are my feet, yeah!
Ultimately we climbed the face and rate it at a 5.9+ or 5.10a. We were able to find two climbable routes and think there’s more than that (though I only climbed one route because, I will admit, I was outta shape). The official name we gave this landmark? “Phil’s Djembe” and the route we climbed is “The Didge” in honor of our musical talent the night before. The next route isn’t named yet.

Well that concludes my story for today. I have a lot of Chemistry homework, but I won’t go into details about that. It’s finally cooling off here in Arizona… It was 70 degrees yesterday. I almost wore a sweater!

Being a Graduate Student Feels Better than Another Bachelors

I just want to make clear (and I just confirmed this) that I’m not in school for a 3rd Bachelor’s Degree, but for my MASTERS Degree, which will be in Engineering. I’m doing the pre-requisite courses, which involve a lot of math and science stuff.

Oh and the picture below is a demonstration/competition done by High School’s around the area in Robotics. These “robots” are remote controlled and they’re playing soccer with that big red ball. Found this in front of the Student Center where I was eating lunch. Good entertainment, I guess.

A Little General Conference Insight of Mine

So, Conference was great… especially Priesthood. I sat in the hallway on a nice couch and the missionaries pulled up two chairs in the same hallway. I just felt their spirit so much as they sat there. It brought me back to my missionary days and how I longed for them. That attitude of hard work, and the Spirit of God so undeniable. It is almost like because I know how to wake up and be organized each day and be productive, that I sin when I don’t do it. So I’ve resolved to start doing it again. I’ve had this realization before since being home. (not that I’ve become some kind of bum… I just know I could do better).

But though I’ve cycled through productive lifestyles and unproductive ones, this time, being productive feels like a one-way street, and I don’t feel like a return trip to lazy-ville will ever happen.