imagine this… but happening 20 times a second, with a constant non-stopping roll of thunder, and you got the kind of storm we're having in Mesa right now. this is more intense than anything i've ever seen on the plains of Nebraska! obviously, if i can catch a bolt of lightning with my phone, there's a bunch of it.

I guess this is called ‘urban camping’

the past two days here have been so busy that i don't have time to eat. let alone find a place to live. i'm using my phone to post this from the park. speaking of parking… a permit to park on campus is $250 a year. BYUI parking has nothing to complain about.

well despite being super busy with all the tasks of school i like it. a teacher told me i had a nice longboard. things are cool here (despite the heat). haha! well i think my food is done. later!