Well everyone, things are going great and I've spend a lot of time sorting through some of my things in storage. I've really been enjoying Nick Drake lately. For those of you who like Mason Jennings or John Butler Trio, you may find Nick Drake to be a perfect match to the musical collection.

Other than enjoying a stunning spring in the Arizona desert, I have been making new friends and sleeping in. Oh, and of course, climbing at Camelback mountain (only 20 minutes away). However fun those climbs are, they jump from a 5.9 to a 5.12, so I usually end up doing a lot of 9's and 8'ts.

Want to sleep all day…

So I find myself having a ton of things to do this month. I’m going to Texas tomorrow and Saturday for the Anasazi Gathering and I’m teaching Gospel Doctrine this Sunday! I also have storage to finish going through, taxes, moose hide to tan, RC Wing to build, etc.

I think I would rather go to sleep all day.

New Room!

Hey there! It’s Sunday and I am sitting here in my NEW ROOM. I also picked up a nifty computer desk and chair that I found on craigslist.org. That means I own two pieces of furniture now… it feels like I’m growing up. lol

Yes, that is a picture taken by my computer of me at my new desk, in my new room, at my new condo. Ahem… I have 3 roommates who live in the other rooms, so it isn’t really “my” condo.

I will truly miss living with Josh for we had a lot of good times making fun of all our visitors, and I even went to church with him, and we could see the Mesa Temple from our living room, and his dad just planted a Salsa Garden outside our front door! Not to mention the cheap rent (on my part 🙂 and going to the park often for slacklining! At least I’m only a few blocks away so a quick drive is all it takes for a visit.

Oh yeah, I have a fan in my room…
It’s going to be REALLY nice when the hot summer comes in a few weeks.

Now all I want to do is get rid of everything that I’m not using anymore. I think it’s about 1/3 of my things.

This and one other thing has been on my mind… I can’t wait to go climbing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!