Red Rocks Climbing

This weekend was awesome!!! I went on a Climbing Trip to RED ROCKS Nevada with Lane, and met up with Jo, Mary, Angela & Brian, Sven, John, and 9 other people! I did 6 climbs total and the weather was perfect for climbing – it only rained when we weren’t climbing! Kori’s dog went missing Saturday and we thought she was gone forever, but on Sunday morning they found her at the Humane Society! So dog and owner are reunited again!

Pics soon

What I look for…

What I look for in an Apartment…

  1. Environment. What the overall feel of the place is key. It can’t just look clean, it has to FEEL clean.
  2. Space. Is there places for things? Linen closets, walking room, closets, and yards, etc.
  3. Friends. You gotta get along with the roomies, enough said.
  4. Respect. Are the people living there aware of others? Most people who barely left their parent’s house still haven’t learned that Mom’s not doing the dishes anymore, so they always leave a big mess.

What I look for in a Job…

  1. Self-Motivation. I’m most happy when I can look at the situation and figure out how to make it better using my own brain.
  2. Flexibility. I like being able to work long days and short days, so that life can happen in between.
  3. Stewardship. I want to feel like what I’m doing means something to people. I like to work with and interact with others.
  4. Intelligence. My job requires me to know something. I’m here because I have the skills and ability to fulfill the position and make things better.

Back into the outdoors…

Last night I did some solo camping up by the Superstition Mountains. I have a little spot I go to which is off road and hard to find. I found it by a good chance last year. It’s a nice place for some peace and quiet when what would otherwise be too crowded from traffic and people.

Today Lane and I went to Camelback Mountain and climbed a 2-pitch 5.8. It was my first climb of the year and I am SO happy now! There are some other climbs we want to come back to and finish but we just didn’t have the time today. [i deleted this rant because today i learned i was “in the box,” or in other words, i was not seeing things as they are within myself. But now i feel better and can see things clearly].

I also went to the world wide broadcast from the Church and that was great! We got to hear President Monson speak (I think it’s his first broadcast as the new prophet), and also a discussion from Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard and the General Relief Society leaders. Everything was about the Family. I liked seeing them in a discussion (instead of just in front of a pulpit giving a talk). It really helped me feel closer to the Apostles as individuals as I could see their personalities interact with each other.

Last thing, RED ROCKS CLIMBING TRIP is the weekend of Feb. 23rd. If you’re reading this and you like the rocks, then consider yourself invited. Leave a comment if you have questions. Thanks…

Quiet Sunday

Hey everyone! Just an average Sunday. I’m comfortably alone since Josh is in Utah right now and I’ve turned down any invitations from friends to come over. I just finished talking to my mom on a video chat with Skype. I love that program. I also read some of “In the Eye of the Storm” which is a great book I’m reading through right now. I like the short chapters and it’s a fun read to pick up anytime. I just posted some of my photo’s on where they will be sold as stock photography. If people buy them I will get a couple bucks each photo. I am curious to see how my photo’s hold up in the “public eye.”

Church was good today, but I was very tired sitting through it all. I came home and ate some food. I’ve been looking for a bike so I can commute to work with it. Only problem is, all the used ones I find are too small for me. I need a big bike. I think I would like to have a cruiser. I’ve been checking a lot for one.

I realized as I’m looking for increased income that a lot of my old skills are rather old. It’s been a long time since I’ve done things I used to do. Unless someone wants to pay me to hike or rock climb then I am going to have to “polish” up my other skills. I just don’t know what’s fun anymore. All I care about right now is getting out of debt; and I’ll work all day if that’s what it takes.