Work is fun and I am an anti-social and my dad broke his foot

Work has been a great experience so far… I get to edit the news stories that are broadcast to Utah Valley on channel 5, and I’m so good that they just leave me alone in an edit bay and let me do my thing.

Today I messed up one story a little by leaving a shot on too long – the anchor had to stall a little because of it. I always feel really dumb when my video doesn’t match with how the anchor says the story. But then I feel great when it all lines up the right way. Other stories I did tonight worked out exactly!

My social life has been pretty much null since I work from 2-11 PM each day. I don’t really talk much at work either. I just don’t know what to say. It’s not a crowd I’m used to being around. But I love going to work each day! It boosts my self-esteem so much to have an official 8-hour job each day.

We think my dad broke his foot tonight when he fell off the side porch. There is no railings there – just a three foot drop off. I guess he lost his footing. My mom is with him at the hospital right now.

New job

So far my new job has been an awesome experience… I get to edit news stories within minutes of them being aired on TV. The hours are weird, and i stick out as the "outdoorsy" person. But it's fun to have a job where they need my skills and not anybody can do it…

Jeep Vandalism

When I woke up this morning my Jeep looked like this…

Even though there was a big storm last night, this looks more like vandalism to me: check out the rock on the ground and the dent in the jeep…

And here is the dent, obviously a blow from the side and not from above…
Somebody did this. Somebody threw that rock. Luckily, nothing was stolen inside so all my rock climbing gear is still in tact!
Update: I just filed a police report and the officer said that this is the 16th report in the past two weeks. Apparently some “punk-kids” are going around with nothing better to do than this.