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Today I finished fixing up the Jacuzzi and the back yard! Jared Tolman came over to help as well and we both did a really great job. We also fixed the railing on the porch that was very wobbly, and made a fire ring for cooking tin-foil dinners! Spent a lot of time sweeping, pulling weeds, and moving things to a place so it doesn’t look so cluttered. I guess my parents are now too old to do this stuff. I got a feeling that this back yard, and the jacuzzi maintinence is going to be my personal project cuz mom and dad don’t seem to exited for it right now.

Change that: Mom and Dad are now very exited about the back yard!


“Obesity rates are up in 31 states… and none has gone down (the top 5 obese states are also in the top 10 poorest)” (NBC Nightly News 8/27/2007 – 171621)

And so we ask ourselves… why are we going obese? What the heck is the deal? Man has been dwelling on this planet for many many years and yet in the last 50 years he has become obese, along with his wife and kids.

It’s not from lack of exercise, or eating too much, but most likely from food companies putting flavor-enhancing drugs into our foods! Studies now link these flavor-enhancing foods to obesity in lab animals. Could they be the cause of our OBESITY EPIDEMIC?

Here is a video with some answers…from
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

ABC’s report on sweeteners and the food industry (MSG):

Why you do not want to eat processed foods:
Article at Mercola

What foods to avoid:

I hope this information is helpful to America. We need to step up and take responsibility for what companies are putting into our foods and thus our bodies!

Last night

Last night I didn’t sleep very well. Partially because my mom was up all night using a blender to make fruit leather (fruit roll-ups, which I love to eat very much but I wish she didn’t have to stay up all night to make them) and also because Danger Kitty was hyper and meowing constantly until I locked her in the bathroom, where she spitefully pooped on the floor and I was told my dad had to clean it up!

And for fun…

New Hampshire pics coming soon!


This is a picture of me and hannah at the beach in Maine! We went snorkeling around the rocks and found tons of hermit crabs and other normal crabs, but no starfish! I will put up a ton more pictures later, right now I’m going out with my dad to see the Bourne Ultimatum.

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