An Introduction to Cyberclimbing

To all my friends out there (especially Mary) who have to sit behind a computer to work instead of getting out to the great outdoors, here is one way you can still go climb a rock… it’s called cyber-climbing and even though it isn’t the same as the real thing, you may find it to be an interesting test of mental whit that’s similar to being on a real rock… Click the image or click here to PLAY!!!


Here are some pictures from my graduation last week. I can’t believe it’s actually here! It’s like it was never gonna happen, and now that it did I wonder how it went so fast…




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Final Crunch

I just realized that even though I only have one class, the fact that there will be a final in it at the end of this week is just as stressful as having 3 classes. Perhaps the fact that it’s Trigonometry makes it difficult.

Here are some pictures from Las Vegas and Red Rocks NV…