Can’t think of a title

So here I am finishing up a few things before I head to the trail tomorrow morning. I’ve got some online homework to finish up, plus I’m making an H-frame pack out of seep willow to keep the weight of my pack off my shoulders.

I had a great week last time, but I can’t give details other than I was with three adults who could hike really well, and we were all able to learn from each other during the week.

I also found out that as part of Anasazi, any of my family members can come and sit through the “Choice” Seminar for free! So… if anybody is in Mesa on a Saturday, please let me know. It is a wonderful seminar about life-improvement skills (stuff from the book “Leadership and Self-Deception” and “Bonds that make us Free”). This seminar usually costs big bucks to sit through. I have been through it three times and it’s worth it.

Well, this week I also went on a few days with a Trail Walker named Melissa. So unlike last time I worked here, I’ve been trying to maintain a social life 🙂 So far we’ve had a lot of fun.

That’s all folks, I need to finish up other stuff for now. Later!

Trail and School

Well everybody, there are a lot of you who have left me messages on facebook, but I have not been very good at responding. Sorry.

Anyways, tomorrow I go to the trail for a week. I’m pretty exited… I will be with a new group that I haven’t been with before. The weather down here is the “perfect” weather – not too hot or cold. I also think there are some good edibles, but the best time for that is in later months.

Well I have a lot to do today – with packing ‘n stuff. I have to do a week’s worth of online class today as well 🙁 Blast! I wish I was done with school already. I’m still crossing my fingers hoping that one day I will look back and say, “Dang I’m glad I spent four years of my prime in school.” Right now all I can do is appreciate the experiences I’ve recently had there. And, trudge through one last online class.