I have been learning the skills of finish carpentry these past few days. working 12 hour days sometimes. it is hard but lots of fun. i love building things and doing a good job at it.

i’m leaving madison on 26 august and will not return until next summer – most probably.

painting and carpentry has been worthwhile this summer. thanks to all who helped.

A flying squirrel landed on me last night…

I was walking down state st. and i saw it out of the corner of my eye. it was a little baby flying squirrel. it landed on my leg, then jumped off and ran to the nearest tree. i was on my way to cold stone creamery with some friends for ice cream. that was the closest animal encounter in madison i’ve ever had.

I have nothing to say…

so i guess this is what a blog is. i like the format. wish my website was this sophisticated. right now my website is a mess. i never have time to update anything. at least there are some pictures on it for everyone to see.

i like the blog format though. all i have to do is enter text into this box. it’s just like writing an email. no programming or anything. only disadvantage is the limited bells.